Southern Tide

Southern Tide

Southern Tide was founded in 2006, by a then college student who was inspired to create a premium lifestyle brand combining modern design elements with preppy, southern style.

The product that started it all, the Skipjack Polo, set a new standard in comfort, fit and design. The brand quickly grew to become an entire collection: from unique button ups and original t-shirts to vibrant pullover sweaters and novelty shorts.

Southern Tide is all about the CLASSIC AMERICAN LIFESTYLE: road trips across the country, quality time with our four-legged best friend, and low country boils on the coast.

Whether your decked out for a special occasion or suited up for a dip in the ocean, Southern Tide is ALWAYS UP FOR A GOOD TIME.

Southern Tide LIVE FOR THE WATER: whether it’s fishing on the river, soaking up the rays by the sea, or cruising on the lake; They are ALWAYS GAME.

The South is more than just a location, IT’S A STATE OF MIND. And they always bring a piece of the South wherever Southern Tide go.